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The Skilla in Manila snapback hats are here! These snapbacks created by the hat brand Vincentius were specifically made for the charity project "Skilla in Manila" to give children in the poverty stricken area of Tondo, Manila a chance to play football. These hats were donated by Vincentius and all 30€ will go directly to Tondo FC. 


About the hat;


Colours are red, blue, yellow and white, like the Philippine flag with the text "Skilla in Manila" and the brim is made up of the classic paisley pattern. 


About Skilla in Manila;


Skilla in Manila is a non profit charit project that supports football clubs and passionate people in the city of Manila. The focus lately has been in the poverty stricken area of Tondo and their youth development program. The support consists of donated shoes, boots, footballs, jerseys and other football materials. We want to support this movement by selling their jerseys here and donate the profit to Tondo FC. 

Skilla in Manila snapback

30,00 €Price
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